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On June 14th PeTeR FRYD is releasing a new song with Mark Vinther called A Heaven or a Hell

2021.06.17 NEW SONG RELEASED!!!!!
  PeTeR FRYD and Mark Vinther are releasing the first song called "A Heaven or a Hell" and can be streamed on all major streaming services.

The song has been well received by the radio stations and have - among others - been played on:

Good Music Radio, USA
Banks Radio, Australia
This is Only Rock Radio, Spain
Lonely Oak Radio, USA
Metal Express, U.K.
Los Den Helder, Neatherlands
Radio-WIGWAM, U.K. 
Hervé LRdR Radio, FR
Steve Garnett' New Music Radio on Revival Radio Station, UK
Nobody's Radio, USA
Catorweb Radio, USA
Pluto Radio, USA
Nu Rock Radio
Music in Your Ears, UK
Lava Lounge Radio, Australia

  PeTeR FRYD and Mark Vinther are releasing the first song of a brand new THEATER CONCERT  called "A Heaven or a Hell"

The song is will be available on all major streaming platforms on JUNE 14th 2021

Tune in on your favourite rock radio station and be lucky to get an early listen

Song teaser available here: https://youtu.be/IHzWZnb28Vo

2021.01.25 PeTeR apprears on a podcast
  PeTeR FRYD is talking in this podcast about his life, music and lots of other things on the L.A. based Mobile Radio Carnival
Listen HERE

2020.06.07 PeTeR and Mark Vinther join forces again
  After the succes of (Just Dance) to the Rhythm of My Heart Peter and Mark are working on a follow up.....and it's definitely going to worth the wait

2020.06.01 PeTeR supports #fuckcancer and has donated a signed vinyl for auction.
  The date for the auction is for the time being unknown

2020.05.28 More cuts of "Singles" is getting done...for the 4th time


500 followers has been reached since starting on twitter i January, 2020


News update of bits and pieces

A lot of songs from "Singles" are still spinning on diffrent radio stations.

SMW has been praised by the big music promotion company 1DropMusic, who subbed the song and commented "1DropMusic supports" on YouTube

Lots of positive comments are coming like e.g. this one



"Singles" has just been review on Limbocast

“The piano, the musicianship, the arrangements of the songs, I loved it - I loved the album”

Listen to it here (starts at 18.45)



The succes and interest of PeTeR FRYD's debut album doesn't seem to fade.

The complete album has been played on the Brazilian Radio Joinville multible times

PeTeR has been featured artist on Oat Tree Radio, Radio Pluto, Radio TFSC and many more radio stations and the songs have been spinning on all over the world!!!

To to @peter_fryd on your Twitter accound and get instant infomation 


"(Just Dance) to the Rhythm of Your Heart" (Ft. Mark Vinther) has got enourmously airplay especially on Radio Wigwam and It's Only Rock Radio


Singles goes no. 38 on the Danish Itunes Chart


PeTeR FRYD releases on the last day of this decade his first album called SINGLES containing 6 ear catching tunes. From the first song - the hard rocking (Just dance) to the Rhythm of Your Heart - to the dreaming end of Somewhere in the Light the album takes you on a musical trip through time and space....just listen to it and you’ll understand.


1 - (Just dance) to the Rhythm of Your Heart (new release ft. Mark Vinther)

2 - SMW (remastered)

3 - Remembering (remastered)

4 - When Time Gets Old (new release)

5 - Shine a Little Light of Love (new release)

6 - Somewhere in the Light (remastered)